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… go on a bike ride … even if you have a chile with you, thanks to our comfortable City-Bikes.


If you love sports and an active vacation, in Viserbella you can satisfy your need for exercise and fun, thanks to the numerous water and beach activities.


sport-nordic-walking-riminiThe long beaches of the Romagna Riviera are perfect for an intense Nordic Walking lesson, a sports trend during the last few years. Walking fast with the poles exercises the full body resulting in intense training suitable for all age groups. You can take advantage of the mild temperature at dawn and at sunset to take part in a fun activity with enormous mood and health benefits.


sport-wind-surf-riminiIf you love the sea and the rushing adrenaline from riding the surf, then try windsurfing during your Viserbella vacation.
You can take lessons to learn one of the most loved sports by young people and understand the basics from capable professional instructors. Your sense of freedom is incomparable while surfing the waves holding on to the windsurfing sail board!


sport-kite-surf-riminiRecently, kitesurfing has conquered an ample audience of fans. A board under your feet and a kite in your hands will allow you to fly over the water giving you an incredible sense of freedom. This activity is practiced often over the Adriatic sea because it doesn’t need strong winds.


sport-paganello-riminiEvery year, over the Easter holiday, young people from all over the world meet in Rimini for the famous Paganello frisbee tournament. It is among the most prestigious in the world circuit and hosts contests for two different disciplines: Beach Ultimate and Freestyle.
In addition to the competitions, Paganello offers concerts, fun, lessons and parties on the beach.